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Technical Tips

As the owner of a Lotus, Ariel, BAC , etc sports car, you have already become aware of some of the unique quirks of your vehicle.  This section will provide technical tips, passed down from customers and our own road & track experiences. 

View technical tips:

Sector111 60pt Prep

S111 Set Up/ Set Down Checklist

S111 Initial Checklist

S111 Post Practice Checklist

S111 Track Checklist

Winterizing Tips from Bill Thomas (WT Roadsters)

What is a Nord-Lock?

Nord-Lock Installation Instructions for Track Pack Cars

Nord-Lock Installation Instructions for Non-Track Pack Cars

Airbag On/Off Switch


Helpful Guides

 Elise DietProduct Comparisons  goodevil

Spyder Lite Guide 


Good & Evil


Balanced Approach 
-Mod Progression Chart-

 Brake Pad Change 
-Tech Tip Video-

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these files. 

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