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"[The BLADE300] drives as sophisticated as a BMW now, whith exhilarating, shake-your-head-in-disbelief power!" T. Alberti


"[The BLADE275 is] phenominal at all speeds!" ..."[My friends with Ferrari's and Lamborghini's] don't believe my car is a 4-cylinder..." S. Casey

 Katana Supercharger KATANA/KATANA2 Supercharger

"We just got finished installing and testing the Supercharger kit for an 2005 Elise on a customer car. The car posted a 49rwhp gain with this installation. It dyno'ed @ 210rwhp. The car has no ill effects in drivability and has nice even power throughout the rev band. The transformation that it did to the Elise is indescribable, the car is soooo fast now. Great power prior to cam switch over and then hold on to your seat as 6k-8k is over before you know what happened. This is the way that the Elise/Exige should have been from the get go. It is a product that I would highly recommend." Ryan V. of Park Place Ltd.

"I've had mine now for about two weeks. And yes, it's one from Sector 111. I own a shop, Cool Cat Racing, and we see a lot of forced induction cars on a daily basis. This supercharger is the best kit I've ever seen. Fit and finish is excellent. Installation was not bad at all. Drivability is wonderful. I use my Elise as a HPDE track car and a daily driver. Performance is simply amazing and I am thoroughly satisfied with the cost versus results of my purchase. In day-to-day, stop-and-go traffic, everything works as it should. Idling is not a problem, nor is heat. I'm in Macon, Georgia and it's been in the low 100s in the afternoons. I highly recommend this product. All I can say is this s/c made my great car a much greater car." CCR Elise on lotustalk.com

" ...It's smooth, consistent, but urgent power at your hands that you really might not have missed on the stock engine, but will never want to be without again. The drivability is superb. Once you find where the power is, it's easy to adapt to it and use it successfully. If you want to know what your Elise will feel like with the Sector 111 supercharger, it's quite simple. Drive to the nearest mountain, go to the top, and on the way down, that's what it feels like. No real difference from the Ellie you fell in love with, just with a firm hand pushing it along. The problem is, soon you reach the bottom of the hill. But not me. Because my car goes downhill all the time now." Saudio on lotustalk.com

"... Katana kit doesn't sit on top of the engine block and hamper any rear mirror view which us NA Exige owners have the pleasure of. The install is neat and looks very professional, the kind of image you expect from a factory install....The car idled very well with no blips or random flicks and sounded very standard ...[Essex Autosport] ( a Sector111 Authorzed Installer in the UK) managed a ~60bhp increase when they dyno'd Stock and then the Katana ...Power delivery was surprisingly very smooth with plenty of torque to be lazy (left it in 3rd for a few corners and it just pulled) ...the Katana was noticeably faster....Acceleration was impressive as was the noise ...no whining of the s/c (both inside and outside)...At the wheel the Katana felt very fast...[and] pottering around was also dead easy, the extra torque low down made it a piece of cake...." Stevey on http://forums.seloc.org

"[The Katana Supercharger is] Just awesome. I finally got out yesterday on a dry day.  Unreal when you get on it and the abrupt change in acceleration and exhaust note above 5000 rpm.  Now I really understand what it is about." George J. in NJ

"The [Katana Supercharger] Kit was well package and organized, The instructions were well written and easy to follow as well. Fit and Finish of all parts was excellent ...
I had a few requests above and beyond the kit and the work performed was excellent...The finished results really blew me away and I still can't believe this little Lotus is as quick as it is - This Sector111 Kit is the perfect compliment to an already amazing vehicle - I was grinning ear to ear on my first test drive and still am. Anyone who is wondering if it is worth it can ask me for a ride - I can't say enough good things about the kit and work performed. I feel the need to thank Joshua at Fourniers who takes alot of pride in his work and it shows..." ZTEC on lotustalk.com

308BBK 308mm Front Big Brake Kit

"I'm anxious to say that the 308 Big Brake Kit is working extremely well on my Exige. After about 400 miles of  street driving and one satisfying track day at the Streets of Willow, the decision to upgrade with you're great new kit was a good one. Responsiveness is excellent; the entire system, from the steel lines to the CUPdiscs and the Willwood pads follows driver input very well and provides great feel.

A noticeable enhancement in stopping power with no fade was a joy at the aforementioned on-track experience. On the street, the system is quiet and doesn't surprise the driver with any grabbing or "oh no, are they going to work" feeling.  I highly recommend Sector 111's 308BBK to all Elise and Exige owners who want to enhance they're track experience with-out compromising street use."

Paul Goduti
Instructor, Fast Lane Racing School


"Checked out the car this morning. After 2 track days at Summit Point on old Hoosiers, no play whatever in the rear wheels. This thing is great!" Terry L.

"After another 3 track days, 2 on new Hoosiers and  1 on AD07s in the wet, the RTD brace is still perfect. With the increased torque spec on the pivot bolts, the washers did not turn. There is no play in the Heim joints. This totals 10 track days with no problem." Steve W.

HNT (Heel-N-Toe) Pad

"Got my HNT pad yesterday and mounted it in less than a minute. The difference is amazing. It is now simple to blip the throttle while maintaining control over brake pressure. I also like the fact that it is horizontally adjustable for perfect brake/throttle positioning." Randy G.


"Wow what a difference! I also slid the visors off while I had the mirror off. I didn't really realize how much the mirror and visors were inhibiting my forward vision." Pixlpush on lotustalk

"The Bootie" Trunk Organizer

"My Bootie arrived yesterday and it is fantastic! What a great, well constructed, and well thought out product. Very high quality and very practical." Keith C.

Nitron GT3 Triples Nitron Triples

"Shinoo, should have made this upgrade from day one! I'm driving an entirely different car after the install of the Nitron and V2 arms. My Lotus now points and goes, very quickly...What a difference. Shaved 2.5 seconds of my lap time at the track." Glen S.

aluminum Diffuser aluminDIFFUSER - aluminum 5-element diffuser

"[the] Aluminum diffuser I got from you is awesome! I didn’t expect to really be able to notice a difference, but I can!!!" Rob A.